The Original by FleiKa
The pro-drill stand for professionals

With so many drill stand options offered it becomes more and more difficult for all interested parties to pick the right drill stand for the necessary requirements. Everyone always try, of course, to imitate whatever good and proven - but most times the original is just the original, combining itself all advantages. All replicas have then in detail the one or the other constraint. Fleika drill stands remain the non plus ultra for the professional driller.

The professional core driller requires lightweight, robust and very stable and reliable drill stands. Fleika drill stands combine all these advantages. They are characterized by high stability, lightweight design and easy operation. The drill stands can be infinitely used for inclined drilling.

The patented, stainless steel-made roller guide guides the role housing with precision and free from play. An accurate prestressing of the rollers ensures accurate drilling and prevents sliding of the drill bit. This saves time, protects your bits and increases their service life. The drilling motor base plates may be replaced very quickly and the spindle mount of the lug wrench is suitable for the rapid assembly of the motors to the mounting brackets.

The drill columns, made of stainless steel, consist of a solid pipe, flat adjacent toothed racks and bevelled edges. The footplates are also made of stainless steel.

Different column lengths, water collecting rings, spacers, drill centre indicators, gearboxes and axles are always available as accessories.

The Fleika drill stand is the reliable companion for the reliable professional driller.